How do perceptions change?

I am currently watching a show named Mr Robot. It's brilliant.

A scene from the show :

A customer walks into a hardware store agitated and accuses the owner's son of stealing 20$.

Store owner apologies and tries to calm him down a few times. But the customer says that he doesnt give a shit about his explanation and demands the money and an apology.

At this point onwer says he cant him help to get the money back and asks him to leave.

The customer threatens to call the cops, says he will never comeback to the store again and leaves in frustration.

The boy admits of stealing money and gives it to his father. Instead of getting angry about the whole incident, store owner offers him to go to a movie.

The boy gets confused. He asks why isnt he getting punished for what he did. To which his father replies,

"Even though what you did was wrong but you're still a good kid and that guy was a prick. Sometimes that matters more."

These lines stuck with you, it changes your whole perception of the scene. It also makes you realise the difference between wrong and bad.

Brilliantly done.

What do I need to know before I move from Luton to Amsterdam?

Hello, do you mean from Luton Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, or from the city of Luton to Amsterdam?In the first case, Amsterdam airport is quite closeby to the city but NOT in the city. It is actually part of another municipality: Schiphol-Rijk. It is good connected to the city by means of bus, train

What is the most outrageous moment in American history?

It would not be accurate to give just one, so I'll name those that I feel are the very worst outrages in US History (not in rank order);The assasinations of US presidents, especially Lincoln and John F. KennedyThe attack on Pearl HarborThe triple terrorist

What's the smartest thing your snake has ever done?

First of all I don't think any snake is smart. They are a mass of instinctual reflexes.However, that does not mean they can not learn. For the first 6 mo that I had my corn snake he would hide under a log in his cage whenever I came into the room. After a while