How do pop-up restaurants/food concepts make money when it's so short-term?

I've identified some crucial factors that help pop-up restaurant owners make money in a short period.

Optimization/Austerity: They have learned to operate with just the basic necessities, and keep to a tight budget. They will think twice before investing in a sumptuous decor, high-end materials or any other unnecessary expense. That way, they minimize their costs, while focusing on what truly matters (the food) and increase their profit margin.

Food-centered experience: In my opinion, this is the crucial factor behind pop-up restaurants' success. Most pop-up restaurants find their differentiating factor in providing unique menus and experiences around the food they serve.

Location: Another key factor for a pop-up restaurant is its location. Good restaurant owners study different areas, and project customer traffic and costs to make the right location choice. This far-sighted mindset can help ensure success.

Third-party or self-endorsement: These restaurants are usually owned or accredited by remarkable chefs or influential people inside the industry. Endorsement helps them market themselves in a better way. They use their contacts to spread the word and get valuable (and wealthy) customers to their tables.

Increased average ticket: Since they put all their effort into creating unique menus and food experiences, these pop-up restaurants can earn more in a single ticket than other restaurants.

How do restaurants maintain the same taste of dishes in spite of attrition of chefs?

These days cooking is becoming a lot about precision like science. As a result recipes are now detailed down to grams/mg to make the cook risk free. This doesnt undermine the role of the chef who undoubtedly remains the master/artist that designs the dishes and menu in the kitchen. But thereafter the recipe and supply chains take-over allowing the

Why does being alone make me feel so bad?

Excuse the brevity, but I am sick today and this has been in my inbox too long already...The first person we are here to get to know, appreciate and love is ourselves. When we do this, we are rarely lonely

What is the worst restaurant you have ever eaten at?

The Denny's at my college campus. Now I don't have anything against Denny's, in fact, I find it pretty ok, but this Denny's was absolutely horrible.The first experience was at late night at around 9pm, I went with several friends and we ordered