How do psychopaths act when they are drunk?

Hmm, I suppose I am barely qualified to answer this question... I test extremely high on the LSRP and those tests dealing with antisocial personality disorder. However, psychopathy isn't actually a medical term with specific definitions. Therefore, I don't know if I qualify.

However, personally I don't change my behavior at all. Most of my friends/co-workers tell me they can't tell that I've been drinking. I personally believe this is because my behavior is based upon years of modeling and mimicking the behavior of those around me or in similar situations as me. Alcohol tends to cause a loss of inhibition allowing people to behave how they feel on the inside. For example, get a person drunk and they may hit on women aggressively (because they think they have a right to women) or be overtly racist (because they think racist thoughts all the time and lose their filter via alcohol). However, there isn't another level to me. I don't feel the baser emotional drives or a need to hide my thoughts to fit social norms...because I don't care. I don't feel shame or empathy 98% of the time anyway. The way I act is based on the way I choose to act and therefore doesn't change with inhibition loss via alcohol.

Why did you vote for Hillary Clinton?

I voted for Hillary primarily because liberal principles line up with my Christian values* more than those of modern American conservatives; second, Hillary was not Donald Trump. I don't particularly

How fragile are newborn babies?

How easily broken or damaged are they? Extremely!They can be damaged if you press too hard on the top of their heads, newborn skull plates have not yet fused so it's just their scalp/skin protecting their brains.Their bottoms can become infected if they aren't changed and cleaned regularly, nappy rash.They eventually die if they aren't fed every hour

How can two people eat healthy on a $200 budget?

I know families come in many different sizes and with certain dietary needs or restrictions that can influence how much you allocate to your food budget. However, there are some simple steps you can take to start feeding your family