How do top teachers teach?

Teaching is not easy for everyone. A degree is not a enough to become a good teacher, one you have that kind of skill which makes you a top grade teacher. A teacher must have passions, care, good observer and kind. He/she should be able to understand the student nature, problems and how to attend them on different platforms. A part of this a teacher should know how to understand the problem of students, i.e. What they are facing during their studies. A good teacher always motivates their students and encourage them. Because with a negative thinking a student can never grow in their lives or they become unable to concentrate on study. So no doubt if you are good at teaching, but you do not understand your student and are unable to motivate them. Then you are only playing a half role of your teacher.

That's why a teacher should know how to strict, how to fair, how to frank with a student.

So these are some qualities that a top teacher should have.

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