How do warm gear running shirts (like under armour or c9) and fabrics work? Are they a scam or are they actually different from other running shirts in some way?

They are polyester and polyester doesn't absorb any water (sweat) at all and thus allows the your body heat to drive water (sweat) away from your body, across the fabric where it can evaporate away from your skin and preserve a warm dry layer directly next to you. Polyester is hydrophobic (water hating) and when used in bodywear fabrics it is usually treated with a finish that supports the wicking of moisture across the surface of the yarns. This finish is not permanent.

Is it possible for an obese guy to become slim and have 6-pack abs?

Answer: YES it is possible.How?WILL POWER: How badly you want to get ‘slim'.DIET:Cut off all the carbs white rice, dosa, idli e.t.c, Sugar, Junk food (say no to all the greasy pizzas, hefty Burgers, deep fried french fries) and one must Eat only that quantity our body needs

Why is abortion controversial?

There are a number of different viewpoints at play, each with its own set of competing implications.  These include:(1). At the point of conception, the new life is a human being deserving of the full protection accorded to born babies.  Abortion is murder, regardless of the reason for the abortion.  Some

Why didn't the founding father set term limits for the president in the constitution?

Why didn't the founding father set term limits for the president in the constitution?The framers of the Constitution did set term limits for the president: They called them