How do we use null space and column space in real life?

I wrote this blog post a little bit ago.

Suppose that I have some equation that describe heat. It is a partial differential equation. Ok. In this post here.

function operator(s,n)
    v = ones(n-1);
    v = (1-2s)*v
    A = diagm(v)
    v1 = ones(n-2)*s
    v1 = diagm(v1,-1)
    A = A+v1
    v2 = ones(n-2)*s
    v2 = diagm(v2,1)
    A= A+v2
    return A
function stability(A)
  v =   [eigmin(A),eigmax(A)]
    if v[1] < -1 ||  v[2] > 1
        return 0 
        else 1
I am constructing an operator matrix, given by 

[math]u^{m+1} = Au^{m} [/math]

here A is tridiagonal
the solution appears as such in the book 

[math]u^{m+1} = Au^{m} = \sum_{n=1}^{N-1} c_{n}^{m} \mu_{n}\zeta_{n}[/math]

[math]\mu_{n} [/math]are eigenvalues and [math]\zeta_{n} [/math]are eigenvectors

mu = eigvals(A)
s = [.49,.50,.51,.52];
function results(input)
    n1 = 10;
    n = length(input);
    l = zeros(n,2);
    for i = 1:n
        A = operator(input[i],n1);
        zeta = eig(A);
        l[i,1] = input[i];
        l[i,2] = stability(A);
   return l 
l = results(s)
4×2 Array{Float64,2}:
 0.49  1.0
 0.5   1.0
 0.51  1.0
 0.52  0.0

this follows from Gershgorins circle theorem

I outline that we can discretize the solutions to the heat equation and determine if they are stable in terms of a matrix. Then the eigenvalues of the matrix tell us about the stability. Now to get the eigenvalues. We have to use a procedure called Gram schmidt. How? We go to an intermediary step called the Hessenberg matrix. I am not going to post it.

But in Gram Schmidt there is something useful. There is the idea of projectors.

Now when you actually use Gram-Schmidt you are using this idea here.

That we can split spaces into orthogonal components. In doing so we can get nice little orthogonal vectors. simple idea about null space and range allows us to tell you about the solutions to how partial differential equations behave. Why. They use this finite element method So when engineers build buildings they are using this same idea.


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