How to become more productive and stay motivated

I love to use technology in order to improve my productivity - defently mobile tech - because my iphone is always with me. And it really work for me and my local start up (it's NOT ADS! - its only local).

We increased the company's revenue 5х in 2018. All my team uses these mobile apps and we really grow as professionals every day - our company is the №1 company "Uber for cleaning" in Belarus (Belarus - Wikipedia)

And described in detail how this works in the article on the medium - it is about 5 mobile apps that will help you get the necessary habits. I hope it will be usefull for you

Which mutual fund investment blogs are best?

There are bunch of blogs out there on mutual funds.Basavaraj Tonagatti has a nice blog for personal finance and mutual funds are covered often - Mutual Fund - BasuNiveshSubramoney is a very popular blog where he writes in

My wife left me after 7 months of being married. Will she ever come back?

What reason would she have to come back?That is the question you need to answer. She was obviously unhappy. That unhappiness needs to be addressed in an appropriate way.And if this is a case where she married you, but was in love with someone else, it's highly unlikely there is anything you can do to tempt her

Can one start running after 30?

Of course, you can run but follow these instructions:1. Reduce smoking to two per day- 1 morning & 1 evening.2. Start with the distance which you can run easily.4. Run this distance for at least one month, then