How to block a number from calling your cell phone

TrueCaller, TrueDialler and TrueMessenger Apps are best apps for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone Devices.  An unknown or a spam number who called you or sent you an sms can be identified and shows information like location wihich is important to identify. You can Block unknown callers by this software and automatically if you saved it your contact list,  also it is automatically reported as a spam caller to the TrueCaller community users.
But the simplest way to block an unknown caller can be found in the settings menu of all phones in iOS, Android, and WinPhone Devices.. Go to your phone settings and add the number in your block list.

Depends on which phone you have, which version of operating system, and whether you're using a contact/dialer app which was pre installed by your provider or phone manufacturer. So I can only tell you how to do it on a Samsung Galaxy S5, running Android 6.0.1, using the contact/dialer app that was pre installed by either Samsung or Metro PCS, I'm not sure which. Open the "Phone" app, open settings by tapping on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen, tap on "Call", tap on "Call Rejection", tap on "Auto Reject List", tap on "+", now type in the number you want to block, tap "Save". I can choose to have a message play to the caller, as well as some other options, but the above should get you started, at least if you share the same variables I mentioned, and possibly in other cases.

Your carrier may or may not offer options that allow you to do that.
 I recommend you visit their website and, if unable to find that information there, call them.

My carrier happens to be Verizon Wireless, and I had a chance to use the service they offer to block incoming calls and messages from selected numbers. It is relatively easy to set up numbers that you want to block calls from, using their web interface. Navigate to Verizon Wireless's website and sign into your account. Then, from menu "My Plan & Services", select option "block calls and messages". You can specify up to 5 numbers to block, and your request will remain valid for 90 days. After that, you'll have to repeat the procedure if you intend to keep those numbers blocked.

1. Several providers offer this as a network service. Not all of them, as some providers are hopeless with privacy and sell numbers to tele marketeers. Or their staff do, after a decent bribe.

2. There are devices that have this facility,

3. Seveeral platforms have applications that make it possible to make blacklists and whitelists.

4. Another workaround solution is: making unwanted numbers member of a group, you may call this "Block", and assign a particular ringtone to this group. As a ringtone, make an empty mp3 or m4a file.

In the dialer settings of your phone, there is probably an option for blocking calls from certain numbers (known as black-list on Samsung devices).

Alternatively, you can use some 3rd party apps like Truecaller, etc. on your smartphone to block certain calls.

To block any number ,
First you've to save the number on your phone.
Now go to your contacts ,
Search for the contact you want to block ,
Select it , then click on the option .
After clicking on option , you will see the block option and there you go!! The contact is now blocked.

If your phone  doesn't have block option , you can use any other 3rd party apps like Truecaller or you can use your antivirus to block any contact.
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