How to convince fiancee to go to couples counselling instead of breaking up

One thing I'd suggest is making a deal with them. Say if they want to split and are sure of it, counseling shouldn't matter. But, if they're wrong, and there's a chance to save the relationship, they should take that chance, and enter into counseling with you. If it doesn't work, at least they know you both tried.

Do you believe a zombie virus will be created? If so, when is the zombie virus going to be created?

No, there will never be a zombie virus because there is no such thing as a zombie. And making movies with zombies in them does not cause zombies to exist or make it more possible for zombies to exist.There are movies about fairies, talking bears, and

What diet and workout did you follow to get muscular with 6 pack abs? What was your own real experience?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within 23 days.Whether you are aiming to accomplish your

Is it advisable to train both Cardio and Strength in equal amounts on the same day?

There are options that allow you to both in a collective workout, such as Hiit. But if you are asking it in reference of hitting the weights and then going for a 2–3 mile run (average pace of 20–30 min)? Then the answer is