How to cope with loneliness as an expat


I have lived in the Philippines since 2006. This has to be the friendliest country with a happy population.

I have never felt lonely here because the Filipino people are social, they also want to include others who are by themselves.

  • If I were to be lonely, then there are options to get to meet and be social.
    Clubs (just look on facebook). I recently joined Paragliding Philippines.
  • Local Churches
  • Each town has a department of tourism
  • Many towns offer FREE classes. Meet your classmates.
  • Create a Facebook account and let people know you want to hang-out (the Philippines is the #1 country for using facebook).
  • Follow my blog (see below)

I hope this helps so people can be cured of their loneliness in the Philippines

I wish you Success in all you do.


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