How to deal with problems in life

I had gone through toughest situations, but by doing something, my life has changed. Situations are coming, failures are coming now also. But, now in my life, there is no space for depression, or mood swings. I'm happy always. No matter how bad my parents scolded me, or whether company rejected me. Interestingly, when Accenture selected 260 out of 340 and I was in 80 rejected students, despite of having good interviews. If there would have been any other person or my previous version, he would have been broken up. What I did when I came to know, you be shocked. I smiled and laughed.


In this placement drive, Previously, I missed dream companies, because i wanted a job in web development field or in startup. Each and every day I used to listen to that I've made a terrible decision, etc. But, the risk I took, the decision I made, I knew what I was doing. So, no matter I'm a failure to them, I've never lost to myself.

I'll tell you my story. Every person in my life either thinks I'm useless, or I'm good for nothing or I'm a failure. I've gotten so many taunts, so many hard times. Whether it may be my parents or my friends, you say you've failed twice. I can't even count how many times I've failed. People say I'm immature just because I like to act childish and enjoy life, my decisions are always wrong, etc. But deep in my heart, I knew, I know that I'm right.

Now, understood how tough my life has been!! How depressed life could be for me. I don't remember how many times I've thought of dying. But, honestly I'll tell you, now I'm totally happy. In each and every situation, I smile. I'm charged up. I'm always motivated.

Curious about How I survived all of this? This is my Secret of not loosing and staying alive no matter how HARD life is on ME!

Little out of context or highly spiritual. Wake up Early morning between 3 to 6 and dedicate this time in remembering God, and meditate and repeat the Name of God. This'll give you something that will never let you loose. I ain't flattering, but just to tell you the greatness of Naam(God's Name), I daily go to Gurudware at 3 A.M. , Listen to their kirtan(Devotional Songs). I can't describe how it feels. I used to have more than 5 gb of songs, but after getting attached to kirtan, these same songs used to hurt my ears, and I deleted them. There has been a drastic change in my way of living after getting attached to them. I've never lost single battle against failures.

Jako rakhe saiyaan
Maar sake na koi
Ban ke ek dhal sa
Saath chalega woh hi

I'll suggest this not only to the person that asked answer, but to everyone reading this answer. We may think, that this is not useful. Or we live in modern world. Just try this for 40 days continuously, after that, if you aren't connected completely. Then you can leave it. It'll take less than 40 days if you did it honestly and with your heart.

Disclaimer: You'll not understand what they are singing or what it's meaning is! But it'll have its effect on your life. HOW?? Do you even know what's the ingredients of a MEDICINE?? NO!!! But then too, you take it and it HEALS you!! NAAM is the medicine of every sadness, every depression, anything!!!

Msg me to get details on above secret or anything!

And one more suggestion. Please follow the last advice, and listen to satsang atAMRITVELA TRUST

It is uploaded live daily at 4 A.M. If you'll listen to this, then there'll be change in your life. There's special event called CHALIYA. you should listen from 1st OCT 2016 to 14th NOV 2016. Special thing is, that not only kirtan is performed, but also explanation is given, So you'll get inspiration and motivation. And then at 15 NOV 2016, you'll msg me, that it had changed you. I'll highly recommend you to do this!

According to Gurbani, greatness of this AMRITVELA is, even if you are BEGGAR, and you'll daily wake up and chant its name in this period, you'll become GIVER.

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