How to decide which martial art to learn

If you plan to strengthen the core, I'd say Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are very good for that. Most of these martial arts I mentioned below exercise your mental strength and discipline. For self defense purposes, I'd choose the striking ones over the grappling ones, but that is my personal preference.

I would classify the martial arts as follows: 1) Striking x Grappling; 2) evolution oriented x tradition oriented;

Here are some examples:

Judo: Grappling and tradition oriented
The objective of the martial art is to make the other person fall or imobilize him for a period of time.
Some rules have been changing as it is an olympic martial art... like types of grabs, making leg picks illegal, stopping extended periods of ground fighting. I'd still put in the "tradition" bucket though, because it is a very old martial art. It's a beautiful fight.


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Yoga to stay well. Mind, the yoga practice, to keep the body in a straight line. So on June 21, the World Yoga Exercise Day is observed in 190 countries. And in India Narendra Modi started a ‘corporate' yagya with the yoga exercise.

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Tip #1: During foreplay, the vagina is the absolute last area you focus on.Anticipation is a great way to build sexual tension and excitement, especially when you touch, caress, kiss, nibble, or otherwise pay attention to the rest of your partner's body.

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Yes, but it depends. I don't think many Indians even understand basic differences such as:Healthcare is incredibly expensiveUniversity education is generally very experienceYou don't have much of a safety net. The government doesn't really provide for citizens like in most other rich nations. It is not like the movies, the infrastructure