How to escape from a Grizzly bear

Different bears have different trates of attacks , and react with different behaviours . This answer will explain how to deal with each species individually . The most common bears approached by and troubled by humans are black and grizzly bears , in North America most of which live Canada .

If your going to grounds where your expecting to bump into voliatile bears - pepper spray is s good 1st line of defence .

  • Grizzly bear - do not run from a grizzly bear ( they can reach speeds of 30mph and they will deffo out run you ) , as they will think your are prey and continue to chase you , stand your ground after the pepper spray attack, lay down in the fetal position covering your neck and sides . Whilst in this position it is a good idea to play dead as the grizzly bear in particular will stop its attack once its feels that you no longer possess a threat anymore. Make sure you play dead until a while after the bear has left the area ; because grizzly bears are known to stick around to see if their victim gets back up or not.
  • Black bear -

Making loads of noise can also confuse a bear as some species i.e. The black bear bluff their attacks. It might also work in your favour to fight back against the bear ; however don't climb a tree as many bears are very good tree climbers . To survive a black bear attack in particular it is good to fight back with what ever you have at hand i.e. Sticks and stone throwing ; as the black bear does normally back down if he or she feels the fight is too much hard work

You don't. Bears are much faster than humans over short-medium distances. Running is a horrible idea, unless you're faster than the other person and hate them.

You either slowly back away, or make yourself big and scary so that bear knows not to screw with you.

The best defense is pepper-spray, so if you're really concerned carry that.

Brings to mind the old joke about two men coming upon a grizzly bear, one takes off running, the other shouts " What are you doing? You can't run faster than a grizzy!."

The one running shouts back, " I know, I just need to run faster than you."

Stay calm, back away slowly, climb a tree if possible, repent your sins.

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