How to feel about vegans and veganism

There are vegans and then there are Vegans. As a dietary choice, I can see how people would choose to avoid meat and dairy products. There is evidence that suggests restricting meat can be helpful to diabetics and cancer sufferers. This is also true of diseases such as muscular dystrophy. It seems cheese and animal fat exacerbate the effects associated with MS. The old expression you are what you eat takes on a whole new meaning when one is diagnosed with a particular malady. When diet can make the sick better or worse, diet is worth investigating. The Vegan Diet How-To Guide for Diabetes

When one looks at the salt and sugar added to processed foods, a vegan burrito looks like a tasty alternative.

What makes you happy?

When Maths sir gives you a free lecture.When PT sir suddenly surprises you and gives you extra time for the PT.When your crush likes your picture.When mom makes Rajma Chawal, Chole Bhatura or Pav Bhaji.When auto wala bhayia (auto driver) says

What are the signs of eating too much protein?

Great article from, an exceptional source of good physiology knowledge, only Mr. Moody didn't quote it correctly.

What is a basic meal plan to lose weight?

Losing weight includes eating right and burning more.Eating right :-Whole grains and legumesVegetables and fruitsNuts instead of oilsAvoiding all oils, added sugar n refined floursEating within ur required caloriesInstalling any health app and track ur calories daily. Don't over eat.3. Burn ur calories by walking, dancing, exercising, weight training.Have a deficit of 400 kcal daily.Good luck.