How to feel about visiting a place where you used to live

I did that a couple of years ago in Miami. The first house I lived in has shrunk to 1/4 it's former size and the two Ficus trees in front are HUGE. That's the house where I slipped on the cedar chest and broke my nose on the Spanish tile window ledge. The other house looked the same except that the man who came to the door must have been startled by the doorbell and had cut himself shaving. He was very chatty and I didn't hear much because I was watching the blood drip down his neck.

How do international travellers feel when they visit Argentina?

I was there earlier this month and I loved the place. Buenos Aires is, for me, one of the great cities of the world. It was even better than my last visit. The steak is just as good, but there are some super craft beer bars now.It is a bright, light and pleasant city

Should I tough it out in my new state or move back home?

If it is really unbearable for you and will hurt you to stay in the new state then leaving and going back to your old state is the best choice.  But if the options are less clear, then staying in the new state staying in school, keeping your

Why should I never visit Greece?

Why do you ask me such a strange question? In my opinion travelling and the planning of future travel destination is always a positive action, never negative. Meaning: You tell yourself I would like to visit ...... (country). Or, I