How to find out if someone died in your house

Deaths do not need to be disclosed in all states. In my own state of Colorado, if the seller does not want a death to be disclosed, the seller's agent cannot mention it. The buyer's agent can only mention it if they know for a fact. It is called adversely affecting the property.
In California, only deaths happening in the past 3 years must be disclosed. The Nicole Brown Simpson house may now be sold with zero disclosure.
My neighbor died in his bathtub in August, 2013. He was there for 12 days before they found him. It wasn't pretty. They had to call Sunshine Cleaners in to clean up afterwards, and the coroners had to wear hazmat suits to remove the body.
The house was vacant for 1 year, then sold at a discount to the current owners. I'm not sure if they are aware of the death of the former owner.
The absolute best source for any information about a house is the neighbors, especially the ones who have lived there for a long time. If a death in the home is a big concern to you, ask pointed questions of the sellers, and do it through email, rather than in person. It is much more difficult to lie when you have to write it down, and far more difficult to deny when confronted with the truth.
If the house is considerably old, you can just go ahead and assume at least one death has occurred there.
Some people don't care. My garage was the scene of a hanging death 40 years ago. I'm not super excited about that, but the garage has been torn down and replaced, so it doesn't affect me at all.
County Recorder office or the Coroners office.  All death certificates listed the time and place of death.  In America, unnatural deaths occurred within 3 years must be disclosed to the buyer (if the agent has knowledge of the fact).  Death due to natural causes such as age are subject to the agent's diligence or knowledge.  Older homes would be difficult for death records are scratchy at best.  You can also learn from nosy neighbors.  Find out who has lived on the block the longest and see whether they want to talk.  Some old folks will love to sing like a canary.
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