How to get V shaped abs

Getting nice, v-shaped abs takes a lot of work. You want really nice, defined, toned, muscular looking abs. Let me rephrase the first statement. It's going to take lots of discipline.

Start by doing 100 sit-ups a day. If you feel up to it, bump it up to 150, 200, or heck, even 300 sit-ups a day. It's going to take quite a few sit ups. Here is where the discipline comes in. Who wants to do that many sit-ups a day, let alone every day? You do. You want to do that many sit-ups because you want those nice v's. So, start ya sit-ups!

Sit-ups alone aren't going to do it. You'll want to do some tic-tacs too. If you don't know what these are, it's ok. I'll see if I can find a link for them. Basically though, you hold an object, usually a medicine ball (just use a water bottle if you don't have a medicine ball), and you sit down on the ground. Lean back, feet off the ground, and rotate your upper body from side to side, hitting your elbows on the ground. Yea, I'm gonna need to find a link...

Find another good an workout that you like. Any an workout will do. But make sure to do the two I said already as well.

Finally, EAT RIGHT! No workout will work out (ahhaha, see!?) if you don't eat right. Just be healthy about what you put into your body. Don't go off eating McDonald's every meal! Just be healthy, and drink lots of water ok?

Tic tac mb abs

Theres a link for you. Remember: discipline, work, and healthy eating. Hope this helps!

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