How to get free gun skins on PUBG without paying any UC

U can complete Achievements for skins find them in the achievement secrion.....

Or u can go to shop then to the redeem section and buy skins from the silver fragments u have.

U can get silver fragments by dismantling the double items u have in the inventory (u won't lose all the items one is always reserved).

Thanks for reading....

Who is better: Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan?

If we divide the era from 90's till date into two phase, ie. first half and second half, I would say Akshay is best today, while Shahrukh was best in first phase. However we have witnessed few super block busters from Akshay like Hera-Pheri, which could be assumed as the phase, when he started attracting more fans.Shahrukh's

Why do you go to gyms?

People around me think that I go to gym to make six pack abs, to attract girls or just to show off.But......................I like to run hard listening to my favorite motivational songs .That's why I go to gym.After several minutes running on treadmill, when my mind stops me, I still carry on harder. I like registering small victories

Why have humans forgot humanity?

I always wonder why we not give same respect to others as we want from them. Humanity is nature of the human.Quality of human being, I saw many people who stay with you just for their own benefits and when you need their help they will not stand for you. Is it quality