How to get over an ex-partner of a long-term relationship

The problem I see with most men that are into relationships MOST get out of one is that they deposit so much EXPECTATIONS and their self confidence on that person, so when this person gets out of their life they lose hope and their self love.

This is the 3 step way of fixing it EASILY;

1 Understand that people that enter your life are there to HELP you and grow you as a person IF you are willing to see the lesson in that relationship.

For example my first girlfriend (at 18 years old) abandoned me because I was so weak that I always let her do the decision making, I allowed her to lead the communication, and was SUPER sensible to how she behaved with me so basically I was a lost beta male in her life.

It was painful but I understood the pain was there so I can remember my whole life the lesson on that relationship...

2 Understand that there's 3500 million women in this planet, which at least 350 million are beautiful, interesting and non-crazy women. So why are you so fixed with the sexy girl that doesn't want you around anymore? You got 349.999.999 more women like her or better to meet.

Why don't we get this? We have been bombarded with romantic comedies, romantic novels and romanyic concepts even from before we were born.

This brainswashing system has affected most people in this planet into believing there's only "one" person that could be our soulmate or whatever you wanna name it.

When in reality you have millions of possible "soulmates" (if you even believe in that concept) rather than 1.

3 start approaching women and learn how to atract them, turn them on and have casual sex with them. The only way for you to access some of that 350 million women is if you start approaching sexy women you don't know, NOT EVEN one of them is gonna knock your door and ask you to fuck or date them.

After you do this you will either decide to have a relationship with one of them or just keep getting casual sex indefinitely.

You need to approach women so you stop wprrying about the wrong things and get your life in order again.

The typical problem in this phase is that most men go through steps 1 and 2 but stop out on step 3 because of fear of rejection or lazyness, that is when a sexual dynamics coach like me can help.

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