How to get ready for work every day

  1. Wake up
  2. Fall out of bed
  3. Drag a comb across my head.

(10 points for anyone who knows the reference!)

In all seriousness though, usually for me it's a pretty quick process.

8:30 AM : Wake up - make bed and hop in the shower.

8:45 AM : Done with shower, time for the holy brushing of the teeth!

8:50 AM : Teeth brushed. Now I weigh myself on the scale. Hmm, gained a pound. Drats...

8:55 AM : Time to dress! Put on nice black polo shirt. Put on blue jeans. Slip on some socks and throw on the shoes.

9:00 AM : I'm pretty much ready to go! Now... should I eat breakfast today? Eh, let's do it. Grab a bagel and throw it in the toaster. Meanwhile, go to computer and set today's YouTube video to upload while I'm at work.

9:10 AM : Bagel is done! Let's throw some creme cheese - oh wait, maybe use light butter instead... That extra pound won't lose itself!

9:15 AM : nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom drink nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

9:20 AM : Ok, time to head out! Grab wallet, keys, keycard, backpack. Open door. Close door. Lock door. Go to car.

9:25 AM : VROOOOOOOMMMMMMMM ... skirtttttt

9:30 AM : I'm at work! Time to start the day!

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