How to make your lazy day productive

Sometimes it is very useful to have a lazy day: it works as kind of detox for your psychological well-being especially if you decide to reduce your screen time to the minimum.

The day spent in procrastination is a different matter: you feel guilty with what might have been done and instead of having the tangible results of your efforts you can just feel the time sipping through fingers like sand that leaves you empty handed in the end.

To avoid the second scenario day, you need to plan ahead and allocate time for the tasks you absolutely need to do/delegate/ to do/start/complete: write a realistic list and mark the status of the task.

Next day will surely bring its changes to the schedule including but you must stick to the general line of your agenda.

Apply the assistants like TMetric time tracker and Trello to keep you moving, and your motivation to make it to the stage of completion will be unwavering.

What is the best deadlift exercise?

As we all knew deadlift is the king of all the exercises. Deadlift will help you to develop the posterior chain. Doing deadlift will help you to increase fat loss. It will help you to sculpt your legs and glutes. Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to develop your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and lower

Do people start to feel old at 28 years old?

For someone who just turned 28 (in February), the answer is yes. Something changes at 28. There is a shift in perspective that you're no longer in your mid-twenties. The late twenties have arrived. Rejoice. More and more of your friends get married. They get promotions. Buy new cars. Babies

Do these 10 minute workout videos seen on YouTube really help us get a great body?

Hi,Firstly it depends on what videos you are looking into. There are various workout videos they can beMuscle buildingCalestinicsCrossfitMany more...You can't perform all of them unless you have a body type. And if you try you may end up injuring yourself in process.So youtube videos from some fitness coaches may help. But some