How to motivate young people at work when they don't see a future in the job and don't take it seriously


Young people are not fools.

If there is no future in the job, don't try to "peddle" it.

Instead, tell the truth, the job is a stepping stone to something better once they master basic skiils.

Life Principle #1

DO ALL you can, where you are, with what you have. Don't sit on your hands waiting for a hand-out, make "it" happen, one step at a time.

Life Principle #2

Upward and Onward- never stop working toward your goals, constantly step back to reassess goals. Persist, routinely re-evaluate, readjusting accordingly.

Life Principle #3

IT WILL REFLECT! eventually you reap both harm/benefit later than you sowed and greater than you sowed.

What are the documents required for mutual divorce in India?

Mutual Consent Divorce :It is the most convenient way of getting a divorce where the couple ends their marriage without getting into a conflict with each other.However, the one and only condition that a couple has to satisfy before applying for a mutual consent divorce is that

Is it possible to have a six pack in two months of hard workouts? What are some hard workouts for abs?

Yeah absolutely. Anything hard is actually depending on you. First of all, no sweet, no spice, no butter type food, no fat, no salt and low carb high protein diet. No sweet means not even fructose. No fruit. Not even any fruit juice.Let's see if you have big belly then you have to reduce that to normal

How did Mark Zuckerberg manage to own 25% of Facebook?

General answer, not pertaining to Zuckerberg specifically.Usually when startups grow, they need more money to increase the rate of growth, and get it by selling some percent of the company to investors.An example for a very good growth startup fund