How to motivate yourself for school

Actually the concept is very simple. hear me out. You need to look at the reasons why you do things.

If i asked you to walk 5 miles across town and check if you can find someone named Bob. You likely wouldn't do it. absolutely NO reason.
If I told you I would get angry if you didn't, still you likely wouldn't do it. no REAL reason.
If I told you I will kill you if you don't, then you likely would do it. But this is a NEGATIVE reason for the motivation.
If I told you he had $200k that he would give to you (and you believed me) you would do it, and you would probably run! This is an example of POSITIVE motivation.

There are many types of negative motivation in life, and some mixed. School is especially good at the negative. for e.g. If you don't do well in the test you will fail.
If you don't do the homework the teacher will get angry. These are put in place to motivate the students and to achieve the learning outcomes. And these motivators will in fact get most students to carry out the tasks, but the ones that really excel are the ones that use positive motivators, The students that can find the passion in the tasks and can see their own rewards.

You need to find what works for you to see your rewards. Set your goals and try to achieve them. Unfortunately there will be no direct $200k for passing the test like in my example above with Bob, but what you only realise later in life is that the benefits you will gain are going to be indirectly worth much much more.

You need to find Positive reasons to do the tasks, but everyone has different motivators. I can only list some examples, what works for you is for you to find.

See if you can be the best. Try to be the best, in anything, maybe just one particular subject, try to see if you can be the one to answer that hard homework question no one else gets. Try to see if you can find a solution to problems beyond the scope of the curriculum. Doing this self discovery and beating challenges is exciting for many people. Including myself.

Attractions with the opposite sex. Doing well in school, is attractive! the opposite sex (or same sex if that is your thing) like smart counterparts. In EVERY list of attributes a partner finds sexy intelligence is highly ranked. Why not tick that box?

Aim for your career early, maybe you don't know what you want but you may know the field, maybe you are into the computer sciences field, start thinking about possible jobs you might do, and see how far away they are in terms of things you need to learn. See the learning paths and start achieving this goal of who you want to be.

And the last example, is, all of the above. Yes they all interlink. You can be more attractive, one of the best in your field and be on track for an amazing career. Self development is never ending. The hunger for growth is an amazing driver.

Good luck and I wish you the best with your studies and your life.
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