How to motivate yourself when nothing is there for you

I can't imagine how to motivate myself when I believe there is nothing there for me. How can I motivate myself if what I seek to see is nothingness? How can I find something that would motivate me if I never bother to look within myself? If all I do is to compare how smart, luck, success, talented and intelligent are other people than me?

Before I ask how I motivate myself, I ask, ‘Is it really true that nothing is there for me?'

The voice in my head loudly says, ‘Idiot! You don't belief your own eyes? Everywhere you see is nothing! Nothing there for you!'

I am sad and depressed, I fall asleep. When I wake up that loud voice is still asleep and I hear a wishpering voice repeating my question ‘Is it true nothing there for you?'

Gently, she guides me to look within. There I find my childhood best friends standing in the dust. After all these years, they are still waiting for me to play with them. Curiousity, Imagination and Playfulness. I've been neglecting them for as long as I remember. Ehm, I think, since I learned failures are a bad, bad thing. I found these friends always got me in trouble. I hate failure! But now, I remember how fun it was everytime I played with them. They took me to various adventures. They made me find new things. We never sat still and whenever we were stucked or bored, we found other thing to do.

I start playing with them again. And you know ? When they are with me, there is always something there to play with. Some time it is unclear, but as soon I approach it with curiosity, imagination and playfulness, it becomes more clear. As soon as I know it, my motivation is back.

Curiosity, imagination, playfulness are the essential tools of the mind, an indispensable means of becoming and remaining human. All of us have to learn how to invent our lives, imagine them and make them up. Without using these tools, soon or later our lives will be made up for us by other people. That in itself can be something to motivate you.

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