How to spend a day with old age people

I spent the day with my grand daughter and her boyfriend. I dog sat her dog, baked a cake, and served them dinner.

I suspect, however, you are asking what one does one do with infirm old people or senile old people. That depends on the old person.

I used to take my grandmother out of the nursing home for a drive. We would go to Dunkin donuts and sit in the parking lot and eat donuts and drink coffee. I think it made her feel good to get out of the home.

With my mother, we arranged for kittens and bunnies. She would smile and pet them.

My dad loved music. I'd bring him a CD and load his stereo for him and sit and listen to the music with him.

I'd try to make them laugh. I would try to keep them busy. I would listen and try to figure out what they wanted to do. And I tried to make it a little exciting.

I remember taking my mom out for a whirl in my Audi convertible, like we were 2 girls out on the town, the wind in our hair and I remember the grin on her face.

I live part time in a small village with very ageing population. Some people think I have a peculiar fetish for old ladies (they like me and I like them).

Many are in their eighties or nineties. I do not go to the "old folks retirement home" because I feel like I am a bother to the nurses, but when I have a free day I do go to some of the elderly neighbors' houses and some of the things we do are

  1. Drink tea.
  2. Drink more tea
  3. I help them with their garden
  4. Talk about gardening
  5. Talk about life in the old days
  6. I bring some old tool or antuique, even if I know what it is, I ask them to tell me about it.
  7. Bring my daughter and let them dote over her.
  8. Depending on the person, they might actually have a computer, so I help them with all their computer issues (show them how to look up a web page or answer an email)
  9. Talk about making pickles and bring some of my pickles to share, while I try thier pickles.

That is mostly for the older women, which is more common. For older men,

  1. Ask them to help me fix something
  2. Ask them to help me skin a snake (this was only once)
  3. Talk about farming
  4. Ask them to teach me how to make some old time tool (snow shoes or straw shoes, etc)
  5. Chop wood with them, or cut don a tree while pretending I do not know what I am doing and letting them "teach" me.
  6. Talk shit about our wives
  7. Talk sexist talk about the younger ladies in the neighborhood
  8. Bring my daughter and let them dote over her


I house-sat and "Mom-sat" for a couple who traveled; when I spent time with "Mom" - who was a shut-in with limited mobility - I asked her about her son when he was a child, and her travels, and she talked about her jobs, and her bosses, and her life experiences. I'd fix her breakfast and dinner, and just listen to her.

Your undivided attention would be the greatest gift.

I'm not sure what you mean by "old age people" but I can guess you mean persons like me who are over 75. So I'll tell you how I spend my days with my friends:

we ski

we go biking

we go out to restaurants

we go to beer fests

we go swimming and take our dogs with us

we help each other in the money making work we still do

we kayak



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