How to stay fit when you have kids

Well, the first thing to do is to accept that your body will change after child birth.

Give up on the notion of getting back to your "old self". That is not gonna happened!

The best thing to do is to nurse, (breastfeed) your baby. Breastfeeding takes up to 3500 calories a day!

And after the baby is about six weeks old, start walking with the baby, either in a Snugly type carrier, or in stroller. This is very soothing for babies and very good for you, the mother!

Don't compare yourself to Movie Stars on the cover on Store Magazines, or other Celebrities. They can spend $1000s on surgeries and trainers to get back their bodies, because it is their job.

Your new job is being a Mommy!

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It's hard to say what proportion of Crossfit games athletes are on PEDs. However, I believe it's possible to get to that level without PEDs. Everything comes from the perspective of men, where there has been more research/history in strength sports. The articles I've linked are summaries but they have sources that you can follow.Crossfit Games athletes are