How to stay motivated in your workout program

How do you stay motivated in your workout program?

Keep changing exercises. Surprise your body.

Watch YouTube videos.

Don't entertain habits that go against the discipline of working out.

Never be away from workouts for a long time.

Never strain yourself so much that the pain and fatigue stops you from lifting weights.

Don't latch on to anyone for workouts. His demotivation will affect you too.

Always followa strict routine.

Have full length mirrors at home where you can see yourself and note parts that need shaping up.

Assuming you are reasonably intelligent, did you ever meet someone so brilliant that you felt you could hardly understand what they talked about because it was so over your head?

NO! NeverThere is a rather knuckle-headed misconception rampant on Quora that brilliantly smart people are naturally difficult to understand by people supposedly less smart than they are; moreover, the nonsense goes, the smarter the person the more difficult to understand.In many years of experience with supremely gifted individuals, both children and adults, almost all are perfectly

With lower back pain that flares up randomly, what is the best weight workouts to strengthen those muscles safely?

Lower back pain is more closely allied to tight muscles attached to your pelvis than strength, though strength, particulaly abdominal strength is imporetant.Back pain is a symptom that your skeleton is out of alignment.For the long story: - if you fill

What is the best way to stop underarm sweat?

There's a few waysAntiperspirant. Aluminum salts will liquify from moisture and cover the sweat glands preventing sweat from secreting.Botulism A injections. Botulism has been shown to be effective in preventing excessive sweating.Surgically removing sweat glands. Yes, this is a possibility.FootnotesBart Loews's answer to What are the side effects of antiperspirants?