How to think the farmland prices are going to change in India for the next 10 years

depending upon the current pollution rate i don't think we should worry about such a long term

farms will not be so fertile anymore if we don't do anything

getting back to your question prices will be rocket high in south and western region of india but in north india farmlands will be converted to industrial area because of high temperature but one probability will be north indian farms will be used to crop hot or warm season materials

so in short prices will spike a lot and you won't be able to afford buying anything

What do you know about UFOs and extraterrestrial life?

I feel like quoting Carl Sagan here... "If we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space"I don know if people who claim to have seen UFO are true or not, but all I know is there is

Do boars attack humans?

Yes they will. When threatened or to protect their territory, when a sow feels her pigs are threatened- I got cornered in a domestic boar pen - he was maybe 600 lbs -conservatively. And I wound up beating him between the ears with a little 22 squirrel rifle while I tried to stand on his head and get over

If alien spaceships supposedly travel through Interstellar space to reach earth, then what kind of speeds would they need to reach to make trip as short as possible?

They have to travel as close to c as they can in order to achieve a high [math]\gamma [/math](gamma.) This is a very simple calculation: [math]\gamma=1/\sqrt{1-v^2/c^2}[/math]. This factor is important because it is inversely porportional to Lorentz contraction. A [math]\gamma[/math] of 100 corresponds to a speed of .99995c but it means that the distance the ship