How to think the next 20 years will be for mankind

Well, I expect at seventy one, I will live the next twenty years. I don't know why I say this, but so I sense. It has been a cornerstone of my interests to ask just this question. The subject was introduced to me as ‘population explosion'. It has now become global warming and whether America will become a banana republic. This was all called population explosion back then. At that time machine consciousness, or what most people call robots was not a big issue. It was with me though. It has been fifty years since I became infatuated with all things MAS, (for Machina artificio sapiens.)

A little background first, I did foresee many of the machines and changes in our society fifteen years ago. It is happening fast. Fifteen years is nothing! Yet, the only thing I missed was the Iphone and the drone. I got Wall Street using computers to make decisions right. I foresaw the displacement of laborers with ‘robots.' I intuited that judges would use computers to determine incarceration sentences. Then politics? It is coming. I don't think we will turn into a banana republic, nor will we remain a republic. As so many sci-fi movies, books, and general media are focused on, the age of machines governing the USA is coming.

PThey will be horrible!

First a new Great financial collapse! Then a major war with use of tactical nukes! Then a huge eruption of mount vesuvius, bringing world mean temperature down by three degrees Celcius!

All these spoilt yacky westerners will have to adapt to new ways! Serves ‘em right!!

You may call it the perfect storm!

Now, many younger westerners are today in a total state of delusion!

They think that because their societies are rich,,,,they are smart!

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

They think,,,because they have a smartphone (which they themselves didnt invent!) they are smart!

Actually, their precious smartphones fry their brains, and not in a good way! They create delusion, addiction, lack of patience, lack of ability to concentrate to be able to read a single chapter of a book, let alone the whole book! Their bright screens will burn their eyes out in the long run, as they are incapable of ever turning them off! Already therapists are overworked by trying to remedy the damages! This is but the tip of the iceberg!

In fact, they are spoiled, unknowledgeble (Because they were to lazy to study properly, and their studies themselves were worthless!)

They do not know the value of money because they have always been given to them!

They do not know the value of real friendship, because their "friends" are all Facebook friends!

They do not know the value of morals, even if it jumped up and bit of their nobler parts....which very well may happen....

Morality, politeness is to them something arcane, which himders them in doing exactly what they want, when they want it, without any consequences! People with such attitudes are worthless in a civilized society! And so, with their acute amoral hedonism, a civilized society is impossible!

They dont know anything about their own history, and they are far to self-absorbed and lazy to ever care to study it!

They know not the value of physical labour because its ..."beneath them"!

Their parents are...morons to have made them such! They themselves are spoiled, entitled, lazy, ...and totally oblivious of this very fact!

Heaven help us all when they get into power! I hope I'm dead by then!! Their pathetic..."revolution" will eat them All!!

Not that different from the last 20 years, unless something major happens.

Essentially technology is going to become slightly more integrated into the home and user experience.

There will be greater usage of AI in everyday life.

We will have more automated and independent robots in the home.

Apart from technology changes, there will be more data analyst jobs, but I don't think every industry will change that much, just the capabilities and tools that technology allow us to access.

For example, fields will still need to be ploughed ... Even though we may see some automated tools for this, it's still going to be the same process.

I think the biggest change we will need to make will be to do with overpopulation. Maybe "Chav Hunting" will become a legalised and government controlled sport to remove the most useless from our society?

Future is just not predictable. If you see some sci-fi movies from the 1970, we see car flying in 2020 and as we are nearing 2020 we already know that such is not going to happen. During 1970, airplanes were evolving, so they predicted future looking the then present.

Today's sci-fi movies predict the future where the virtual robot works for the entire mankind. We are predicting that because we have Alexa and Siri.

We might be wrong.

We are at a tipping point it could go either way we now know the cause of all human made suffering is the faulty right brain, the question is will humans do anything about it.

In twenty years with most practicing EGMI or its offshoots we could be a long way to ending all human made suffering, if right brain use continues to increase then we are doomed it is that simple.

A2a Hi Victor. There is never really a way of telling, as things can change in an instant. War could break out , totally new technology be invented ,climate suddenly change . Twenty years is quite a long time and a lot can happen over that time , as i have seen. Nothing is very pridictable these days.

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