How to think up fun facts about yourself

Thank you for A2A, Sean.

I've had such a strange, full and diverse life, so far, that it is not difficult for me to find a topic to write about. I just think of a period in my life, and choose one of a bunch of things that come to mind.

Let me do a couple here:


My grandpa, my father's father worked as a head waiter in a famous and luxurious hotel. He was very proud of this, and often spoke of his experiences there, and of many famous people he interacted with.

Somehow a joke started in the family, that one of the grandchildren will surely end up working in this hotel. As none of us had anything to do with hospitality industry, this joke was half-forgotten.

Then I returned from the USA and in a very strange twist, ended up joining the staff in huge renovation of this very hotel, and I was a part of its grand opening. I worked there for four years, and even got to speak with some old members of staff who used to know and respect my grandfather.


Here is where my other grandfather comes in, my mother's father, the one who was a real horse whisperer.

My grandpa always wanted to have a son, but fathered three daughters instead. When my mother got pregnant, the whole family hoped I would be a boy, so he would finally get a boy, a grandson.

After I was born, my grandfather came to see me the first time. There is a custom here, to put money underneath the pillow of a newborn baby. They say that he came in, approached my cradle and as he leaned to put the money in, I grabbed his finger and held on tight, like newborns do.

My grandfather was a World War II hero, and a PTSD sufferer who did not speak a lot, other than to his horses. After I held on to him, he stayed in the room with me for a long time.

He wanted a boy, but he fell in love with a little baby girl. He called me Ica, and we became an inseparable item. Together we roamed through nature, and he told me about birds, flowers and the forests. He was the most important teacher I ever had.

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