How does Earth look from other planets?

When Voyager I reached 6 billion kilo meters Carl Sagan requested NASA to turn around its camera. And what we saw is the Pale Blue Dot

From the Moon :

I hoped: Blue Marble !

But in truth, here's how it looks from Mars

Like a point from Pluto and this point will get bigger as you get closer until you stand on the moon from which you can why see it is called the blue planet and on ground it expands. Doppler effect of distance?
It will be looked like an object.

It's like placing the football on the ground, and
                      looking at it nearby
                      looking from the ground floor of nearby building
                      looking from the top floor  of that nearby building
                      looking from a flying helicopter
                      looking for a satellite.....
Why do humans empathize with one animal species over another?

People tend to anthropomorphize pets and other domestic animals more. As one feels the animal is somewhat human, one empathizes with it more. Other factors are children's stories and how much it can be seen to look or act human.

How perfect is roundness in a neutron star?

That a neutron star has a fractal like surface is extremely unlikely, due to the extreme gravitational potentials that exist. The surface gravity may be approaching [math]10^{11} g[/math]. It's high enough that general relativistic corrections matter in fact, making the gravity even stronger. The gravitational redshift at the

What is the technology stack behind OkCupid?

"We write OkCupid in C++ and run it on OKWS, our web server. We program front-end code (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) in OkPub, a templating language.While OkCupid isn't open source, OKWS and OkPub are both actively maintained and freely available under a GPL license.The DevelopersWe