How does Tesla's Autopilot work in India?

Definitely NO.

Tesla uses 8 cameras all around the car to have computer vision and uses complex processing to identify the lanes, traffic, signals, signboards and many such things to have a safe drive. The logic behind this is if humans with 2 eyes can drive then why not a computer with 8 eyes(cameras) and radar can drive. To have autopilot work the lane marks are necessary for the computer to stay on proper lane, proper speed signs are required etc. In India speed signs are placed at not so visible places sometimes behind a tree, kilometers of roads without lane markings, no proper signage when road workers repairing the road, may cause car to confuse and hit the workers. There are many such scenarios it is risky to allow autopilot drive by itself without a human behind the wheel even in advanced countries let alone India.

On top of our infrastructure problems, bad driving behaviour makes autopilot working in India near impossible with the current hardware and software. The day autopilot is usable in India, that day you can ask it to take you to Mars the car some how takes you there :)

Are Fiat cars reliable?

Fiat car looking good and well feature equipped, but i like hyundai and its new 4s fluidic Verna is my best car.4S Fluidic Verna

Why doesn't Microsoft purchase Apple?

Because they can't afford it, and if they did buy Apple, they wouldn't know what to do with it and they'd be wasting a ton of money buying the company and then killing it.

Can a PUBG PC be Hacked or Not?

Any PC can be hacked. It's up to you to run effective anti-malware. I'm not sure what a