How does Yoga helps in losing belly fat? What Asanas helps in losing fat?

Yoga is not a pill which you swallow and a particular problem is cured. If you start to follow a yogic way of life, it would entail change in your eating habits, way of thinking and acting.

Asnas or for that matter any physical activity burn energy. The initial energy burnt is from carbohydrates and fat is burnt in the end.

So, as long as you are burning more energy than your intake (in form of food), the reserves (fats) would be called upon.

If you want to do yogasnas only for the purpose, you can do Surya Namaskar (consists of 12 asnas) in a flow or Vinyasa style.

Depending on your fitness level keep on increasing the number of sets that you do.

Also, it is better to do it early morning on empty stomach.

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