How does YouTube make money?

I have been trying my best, but it just doesn't work like that.

Unless, you're into making viral videos. If that's your aim- to make videos about trending topics, or some nudity, or sexual comedy content, and get famous, you'll make money. But here's the catch, according to the new notification from YouTube, ads won't be played on such videos. So I'm not sure if that would even work now.

Is there a way to make money on YouTube? Yeah, of course. Make good quality videos on any topic of your choice, whatever you're passionate about, keep experimenting and eventually the money comes through, if you're consistent.

There has to be:

  1. Good, engaging content
  2. Regular Uploads
  3. Authenticity

Forget the dollars for some time. You could get a million subscribers after your 30th upload, or your 3rd, or 300th. You could be earning good money, or not. Is it a good career option? Probably not. But if you're good at something, good enough, there's room for you in every single industry. And they all have risks.

Now, there are things you can do on a regular basis to promote your content as views are directly proportional to your earnings

You can:

  1. Maintain and update your personal blog.
  2. Write articles about your videos, and submit them to Buzzfeed, Scoopwhoop etc.
  3. Contact local magazines to feature your channel for free. (This works for lets say Beauty channels, food channels, anything that can incorporated as an article for personal care or entertainment etc)
  4. Maintain a healthy, strong Social Media Presence. Facebook is NECESSARY. Then comes Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. You can add more platforms according to your channel.
  5. Talk about your channel with people, be friendly be fun.
  6. Wear a Tshirt that has your custom URL on your back.
  7. Paste a branding sticker for your channel on your car.

Best of luck, don't run after money. Don't run after subscribers too much, run after being better with every new video. Be consistent and promote regularly. You'll start earning money. The first $100 are the most difficult. Then its a lot more fun.

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