How does a man feel after cheating on his wife and shamelessly asking for a divorce?

How does a man feel is a general question. You should pose this to the person who cheated and not to the entire world. Different people feel differently. Not all fingers are of equal length and size, same way people are also different. What must have happened that he got idea to cheat ? What lead to that point? All these you have to ask that person only. Dont pose general questions and make it look as if all men are cheaters. And already one person replied, do you think he will be sharing why he actually cheated and what he felt?

This place is beginning to look crazy like shit now.

What was the largest age gap between a couple that you have ever met?

My Dad was 20 years older than my Mum.They were also quite different personalities, Mum being fairly extrovert and Dad very much an introvert.They had a long and happy marriage with each giving the other space to do their own thing.I can only recall one row which happened

Do wild animals (none feral) have the ability to distinguish between male and female humans?

Many can, yes.It has been shown that birds actually can tell if you're male or female BY YOUR VOICE! That's how they tell one another apart, and that's how they mostly can tell humans apart. Voice is important to birds as many bird species (male/female)

Why, after meals, do I want to eat sugar?

You think about a meal and your body stars to produce hormones (insulin and others).You start to eat, digestion pitches up, insulin mops sugar from the blood and about two hours after eating your meal you feel ravenously hungry.Happens to me all the time!Solution: Kick out sugars completely (or almost completely because there are no