How does an actor maintain good volume of hair?

Recently i came across an article about Hair Building Fiber [1]. I went through the article and purchased. At first i was not sure about its effectiveness. But, when i applied it, it worked amazingly. The hair fiber makes hair looks thick instantly. Best cure for bald and thin hair. When I digged into deeper I foudn that many actors and actress are using fiber to make their hair thicker. Apply it once and forget about baldness and cover your bald patches. Get it here

How to get over something you haven't been able to get over for years

Let me give you a simple answer, you just can't, yes memory may fade away but...Human brain in normal mode works like a straight line and then certain events happen with us...These events are like a kink on that straight line. Your future memories get built upon that kink, so

Will eating vegetables for 40 days help me lose weight?

Vegetables is not the be all end all solution. You need to be in an energy deficit, with calories and exercise followed with adequate protein and fat intake (doesn't have to be animal sources if you don't want to)First of all understand you may or you may not. Just give it your Best.

What is the Best Workout routine for a beginner towards a perfect body?

Well first off, a perfect body is subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. Your first goal should be to let go of the idea that a perfect body exists. There are great physiques and there are great athletes that have