How does cell phone battery work?

A battery uses a chemical reaction to create or store electricity by striping electrons from a molecule and depositing them on one conductive metal contact, while leaving the other conductive metal contact with an absence of these molecules and the striped electrons. When you use a battery you cause the electrons to travel along and then find its hole in the molecule that was originally striped of that electron, making that molecule now neutral, to put it simply. Charging a battery moves electrons around again so that there is an electrical charge difference between two points of contact, and then the process repeats again when needed.

What can I do to make ravioli taste better?

OK, maybe I'm spoiled that I live in a place with markets that sell their own hand-made ravioli with a variety of fillings. It is recommended that these ravioli not be boiled, but baked in a single layer with sauce below and on top (with some extra liquid if using a commercial sauce). and a sprinkling of cheese over

Why do people act like they know more than me?

I have a problem with this question. Check this out. AlthoughbIm only 6 credits from earning my 2nd Associates degree and 2nd Bachelor's degree and my IQ has been determined to be in the 150-160 range, I'm obvious quite intelligent and

What are some useful Indian cooking tips?

Vanakkam :DI'm gonna put up the kitchen hacks which i learnt from my mom as well as few which i found awesome while surfing. Let me List em. Salty Food: If you tend to add extra salt to your dish, fret not! A couple of spoons of milk