How does distant relationship usually end?

Having a partner abroad is not a criteria for specific ending.
The reason why people say that they usually end up bad is because they have personal issues to have a relation at all so an on line meetings are the only way of finding any partner fast. A distance relation gives you strong emotional bounding before getting intimate. When one partner doesn't make it safe to trust and other one wears mask or continues being secretive, it ends up with betrayals.

In the other hand, a distant relation can be exotic, exciting and very extraordinary. People who have no emotional obstacles to have relation at all will find it easy to accomplish great love story with any child of Adam around the Globe.

It is important to operate yourself from jealousy  and to know that controlling and keeping somebody in chains is not a way of loving anything alive. You have no idea what exactly your partner might be doing somewhere there and if you are "a tracker" in your "village" where you use "street watching everybody and nobody can hide anything" than you are probably not for a distant relation.

As long you don't have patience issues and at least stay indifferent in hard moments, your interpersonal interaction with anybody will survive without pain if you keep communicating and ask for an explanation before closing doors with your butt.

Love is an emotion that affects heart the most and it is akin to a freedom. Don't be an investigator in a relationship, what you get from somebody by heart accept it, what not it is your destiny, if you don't like it than just peacefully go enjoying music of silence and peace. You can't demand anything at some point, especially trust and love, you deserve it or not.  All the rest you can get only on force and that is out of love borders.

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