How does exercise affect happiness?

Working out can decrease even depression. So much impact does it have on emotions and "happiness". Many times when i felt bad about personal stuff, after hitting a workout, i feel more relaxed. The "problem" feels lighter and more clear to find a solution.

Gaining more confidence help a lot of people with becoming more happy too.

Just because you work out, doesn't mean you gonna be happy, but i believe it has an huge impact on your emotions and brain.


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What would happen if I did only basic calisthenic exercises?

You'll build strength and muscle to a certain degree, but you'll never look like a bodybuilder or physique athlete. Tweaking rest time and the number of reps will hardly stimulate muscular gains since your muscles only grow optimally (i.e. muscular hypertrophy) when they have to experience progressive overload within a certain rep-range (usually 6–12 reps). What you'll

How to strengthen my hip joints without putting much pressure on the knees

You cannot strengthen joints, you strengthen the muscles around joints. When you say pressure, I assume impact, since standing causes pressure.Your hips are surrounded by some big muscles (e.g. glute maximus) and smaller muscles (e.g. glute medius). You've got strength and stability, where the larger muscles are strength oriented and the smaller muscles are stability.Yoga

Is Hillary Clinton's health in decline? Compared to 2008, she seems to be in worse shape. She's more irritable, doesn't think through her answers as well, and every once in a while even slurs a bit.

They are trying the Dr Who approach.What else can the Republican Party do?Their opponent is winning.She has:More relevant experience for the jobWider demographic appealA decent set of mainstream policiesMedia supportTheir guy isPoorly qualifiedAlienating demographics one by oneLosing supporters in his