How does feeling feel?

Feeling feels,'s a difficult question. I don't know how I feel about it.

Let me say that feeling is due to the nervous system interacting with itself and the environment. So it's an open-feedback loop by which I mean the environment can affect feeling, which can affect your environment. But with that complication aside, let me attempt to answer the question.

Feeling engages primitive reward centers of the body and brain, and so opens channels that were previously closed. You get new information from your central nervous system that affects these primitive reward centers in the brain that function differently according to the stimulus. So feeling feels in part raw. And that's why eating feels one way, and playing feels another way, and laughing feels yet another way. Because these stimulae are different in each scenario, so is the response.

So to generalize about feeling is impossible, mostly because your question is too broad. The parts of the brain engaged are different according to the environment, the mood you are in, the activity and potentially other factors that are too numerous to bear mention.

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Does Reiki heal depression?

Yes. Reiki heals depression. In fact, from my personal experience, I can say that Reiki is one of the best alternative healing therapies for depressed people.I, myself, had gone through a depressive phase and did not know what to do. I