How does it feel to live in a hostel?

I had never spent a single night without my family till I completed my +2. After that I took admission in a private college in Bhubaneswar(which is around 350 KM away from my hometown) And I was really excited for this new journey.

The first night I spent in the hostel was horrible. I couldn't sleep for a minute. I already started missing my family, I felt so empty. I cried every night for next 1 month. After few months I went home back, that time I realised what is the real meaning of HOME.

In between I found few friends (you can call them neighbours). My roommates were nice but somehow I couldn't connect with them.

So I started spending more amd more time with my neighbours. We all were from different places (few Biharis, few Bengalis,one north indian and one south indian). We used to play used stupid games, we used watch horror movies together, we used to disturb others at night, we used to crack s*x jokes all the best, we used to cook, we used to sleep 5 people in one bed, we used to talk whole life, we used to plan trips, we used to gossip about anyone everyone :D. But in between something happened, we became FRIENDS(FRIENDS FOR LIFE) We have done a lot of shits in 4 years of college.A LOT MEANS A LOT.

But trust me the feeling of biding them bye on the last day of hostel was more horrible than the first night in hostel. We cried like anything. We still cry. I miss them a lot, I miss them everyday. They miss me too.


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