How does it feel to lose weight?

How does it feel???



I'm 5 ft nothing and weighed very close to 400lbs. I was a white oompa loompa, a whale, a fatty. I was so FAT I couldn't tie my shoes. I couldn't put socks on without feeling like I was trying out for a triathlon. Going upstairs was a journey that my heart kept screaming at me to stop. When I finally reached the top of the stairs I wanted to do a victory dance like I did a touch down but I just needed to just sit down!! Huffing and puffing was the dance my lungs were doing. Needed another shower because the sweat was dropping like a worn out faucet.


Drip drip

More like a garden hose with a slit in it.

So very unattractive when you're in public.

People would look at me and had already gotten their phones out and pressed 9–1 and ready to press that last 1. Thinking this poor girl is either gonna pass out or have a heart attack right in front of me.

Clothes shopping was a pure joke. Tents aren't in fashion and they don't come in bright colors but then again those bright colors would just make people notice me more which I sure as Hell didn't want that type of attention. My pants had double digits in them. They themselves were so tight you could see the stitching of the pants on my skin. My shirts not only had numbers but letters attached.

I was fearful of eating out in public. You know, the stares, the whispers (she shouldn't eat that or she doesn't have to eat for a week).

I tried anything and everything to lose the weight. This fad diet, that program. Got motivated for like two weeks then *POOF*. Scale wasn't budging. Out came the comfort high calorie food. My tongue was craving for something yummy in my tummy (or just on my taste buds for a few milliseconds).

My doctor could tell I was highly depressed about it. Suggested gastric bypass surgery.

Went to Dr O'Malley (he's been on Oprah). He's a no nonsense doc. You do it his way or you're out of the program.

No drinking, no smoking, no junk food.

The last time I saw him before I had the life changing operation I told him: I'm going to be one of your success stories.

The weight came tumbling off. Every pound I felt great!!

I now wear a size 4 pants and a size small top. Even my feet lost weight (no longer a wide width).

I'm currently 134 lbs. Yeah some might look on the BMI chart and see I'm not technically skinny. To be honest that bothered me. When I went back to my PCP for a physical he was very pleased. I told him about the chart business. He said for women it's the clothes size not the chart number.

Now I'm pleased to say I have thigh gap, can fit into any shoe (now wear heels), don't have boobs on my back


I run into people I haven't seen in about 5 years and they literally don't recognize me!!!


Most of all



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