How does it feel to own and drive a Lamborghini?

I've had two, both bought new. My first was an 08 LP640 Roadster, and my second was a 10 LP670–4SV, the only Verde Ethaca (green) in the US. Yes, that is me getting yanked out of my SV in the Sir Mix-a-Lot video Carz. That's also my white Phantom and I'm in the lyrics.

When I first bought the LP640, I kept it in Orange County where there are hundreds of exotics around. They are extremely common. You don't get noticed much, but the cars draw attention from tourists who don't see them all that often. There are lots of Lamborghini events and you meet a lot of self-made entrepreneurs who are into cars. That was probably the best part of ownership; the other owners I met.

When I brought the LP640 here to the Seattle area, the car had a different reaction. For one it was rare at the time and two, it's a completely different car culture. If you plan to get an exotic to attract women (or men in some cases) forget it. Kids like Lamborghinis. Women assume you're a player or have some other issue, unless they are into exotic cars. Never ever get one because of how you want people to think of you or treat you because you will be disappointed. The *only* reason to get one is because you like driving and owning the car. The cars are not permission to act like a dick. In fact, just the opposite.

My two Lamborghinis required constant care and that was the downside that ruined the fun. Ownership experience with the each car was dismal. The LP 640 had the engine out three times, the SV, twice. The engines come out for a lot of stuff, so it's normal. Factor that into your cost of ownership. Just assume the engine is coming out for something.

The car to pick up women, if that's your thing, is a Rolls Royce Phantom. None of the other RRs have the same impact. That car was nuts. I got tired of people asking to borrow it for weddings, etc., and that got old, but where it was far more fun than the Lamborghinis was when friends and I would go someplace as a group in the car for dinner in some small town. I have a lot of great memories with that car, but ultimately the fun wore off and it just sat. It's a pain to park, especially if you don't want to draw attention. We got to the point where my girlfriend and I would take the Lexus just to avoid the attention.

Lamborghinis are fun cars to drive, and the sound is amazing, but there are some big downsides. This is no exaggeration, so factor this in, they cost more to drive per mile than a Boeing Business Jet costs to fly a mile by a factor of two. You read that right. The reason is the depreciation on the cars when calculated per mile. It's massive! Total the costs, divide by the miles driven, then take a look at the Business and Commercial Aviation annual operators guide and look up the BBJ. You will see that the Lamborghini costs twice as much per mile. So, if you're buying a new Aventador, just assume it's going to cost you about $100k that first year to drive, and that's if you keep the miles off. Don't go by the resale you see in various ads. The cars change hands for a lot less.

You do better buying one used, but then you have to be very careful about the real condition. Lamborghini is fussy about warranty and if the car has been launched a lot, they will not warranty the car. Parts can sometimes take a few weeks to get and if you live in a small town, far from a dealer, factor in the cost of trucking the car for something even as simple as an oil change. It's why rural exotic owners like the LFA so much. It can be fixed at any Lexus dealer. That's a big deal if you live in Montana.

The cars are fun to dive if you can get somewhere to drive them safely at higher speeds. They are very capable of staying on the road at very high speed, but it's serious jail time if anyone is around. That alone can cost you your career. I can say at very high speeds, the cars feel like you're driving on ice. Which is why the Lamborghini Ice Academy makes so much sense. They are cool, they sound great, but after driving anywhere for about two hours, you're ready to get out. Meanwhile, I drove the Phantom from Seattle to San Francisco in a day and barely felt any fatigue. It also has one of the best car audio systems in the world. As for the smaller RRs, they are just BMW 7 Series so save your money.

I decided to get out of exotics because I wasn't having that much fun or driving them anymore. I'm still active at Exotics at Redmond Town Center, an event I co-founded, but I don't think about owning another exotic. Too many other things I want to do. It was a great bucket list type of experience.

I own a 2015 LP700–4 Lamborghini Aventador and a 2016 Lamborghini LP700–4 Aventador Roadster. Really.

Issues Faced

Fortunately, Hawaii is great for driving a Lamborghini. However, anyone with a Lamborghini ANYWHERE will face this problem: People are really, really crazy when they're around a Lambo. They try to take selfies, beep the horn constantly, yell, stand up if their car is a convertible, wave flags around, and otherwise make fools of themselves. This is less of an issue because Hawaii is one of those crazy rich places. If you live here, chances are, you have a Ferrari/Lamborghini/Porsche/Bugatti/Etc. But that makes it even more annoying. I have had about 5 times where tourists(?) have tried to climb into my Roadster or I've had to chase people off the hood of my Aventador. Incredibly annoying. Another issue is that the insurance goes through the roof the second you insure a Lambo.

The Flip Side of the Coin

These are loud, and it is needless to say FAST. Also, anyone who doesn't yell "Get out my car!" acts like you are Taylor Swift. The logo on your car makes you an instant goddess. It's a really great feeling.


Lamborghini's have the best driving experience ever. Completely unparalleled. But watch out for crazy people, especially if you're car is a Roadster. If you are considering buying one, GO FOR IT.

I drove a new 2015 Lamborghini Huracan for a couple of years and absolutely loved the car. I only sold it because I moved to Vancouver. I've had the Gallardo and the Ferrari 360 Spider before. However, the Huracan was better than both those cars. With its different driving modes, you can feel you're in a Mercedes or in a high performance sports car. I had no mechanical or service problems. I miss the Huracan, and definitely think it's the nicest car I've ever had.

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