How does life live?

sometimes we have to ask our self .what's using my life?one of the things that we know about life is that it's always changing. sometimes you are up sometimes you are down.sometimes things go really well and sometimes they just don't.sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad.and that's what the thing is called life.but during those down moments growth takes place .that's where the work is.everybody can feel happy when there children's are acting normal there bills are paid they have happy relationship.but the real challenge of growth mentally,emotionally,spiritually is when you get knocked you handle it ? wen you are facing a challenge and find yourself stuck.evaluate where you are .look and asses yourself and the situation.what brought you there ?what role did you play?what did you learn from it?are you learning from it or not ? or repeating the same thing over and over again.ARE YOU GOING THROUGH IT OR ARE YOU GROWING THROUGH IT?because it is not going to lean you until you grow through it.but if you want to promoted with all greatness. YOU HAVE TO GO WILLING AGAINST THE TIDE. in-spite of this i am in a control here i am not gonna let this thing destroy me.i am not gonna harness myself because of it.i am coming back and i will become stronger and better because of have to make a declaration.this what you stand are standing up for dreams,health,piece of your it's not gonna be easy. if it's easy than anybody could do it.yes i am gonna turn this situation all around.i am not gonna seat back and moan and cry what happened?who did what?why only me?i am gonna do something about the have to clear your mind of unnecessary luggage at the baggage getting us down.most important thing is to let it go.move yourself so you can grow.everybody has a story to tell.all of us experienced some tragedy in our life and if it is not than we wont will.challenge is that you can destroy your life because of it or you can build upon it.i don't care how good you are or how better you are? at some point of time things in your life are just not going right.everything is going against you. BUT WHY? I don't know why that's what the thing is called life.and you have to deal with it.sometimes the best moment is to BE.recharge your batteries .go away and come and look from a different point of view.don't allow your emotions to control you.we all are emotional but you have to be very discipline about your emotions otherwise they will use you.expect things to get better for you because they will.i am bigger than this.this tragedy can not destroy me.i am in charge here.this is what the thing is called life.1

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