How does one become eligible to travel free?

Sadly not possible. You could volunteer or work your way around the world.

If your willing to commit to 1 or 2 year teaching contract in china they will fly you there.

Generally you need some money to start off or for emergencies. There are foreigners begging in developing countries, not a pretty site.

The smartest thing you can do is to save before you leave, if you could save $USD6000 you could live in a developing country for a year or more not having to work.

happy travels

I don't know if it's a universal thing, but airline staff often have the ability to travel either for free or for very cheap, so long as they fulfil certain criteria in their travel plans (and are happy to give up their seats to someone paying the full airfare instead).

There are other jobs which pay at least some of their employees' travel costs if the travel is for work purposes. A friend of mine, for example, needs to meet with donors to the university he works for (and that I study at), some of whom are overseas. Travel like that gets paid for - admittedly only in economy class - but then any travel for pleasure is on his own coin.

Where is the most fascinating place you have ever visited and why?

3 must visit places of DelhiWe have shortlisted three must-visit places that represent the rich heritage and convivial spirit of Delhi.Khan Market

What should one know before moving internationally?

Nothing, really. I mean there are some obvious caveats such as: Is the country at war? is it suffering from famine? Is there an outbreak of some horrible contagious disease?That's about all the research you need to do-at least all I did-two minutes, max. Have an open mind, in other words try not to carry

What's been the most unexpected thing about turning 50?

How much I enjoyed it! I didn't have to be a role model for the kids (and I didn't have to worry about having any more kids due to menopause-big gain there!) When they were out the door I decided to follow