How does one build a really tall building?

A tall building starts like the rest of them... with a big hole in the ground. There has to be enough foundation underneath to support the weight above. This includes the twisting and shaking from winds and earthquakes.

They have special workers who are used to working at great heights. There are cranes which climb up alongside the buildings to bring things to the top.

It's exciting to watch the skeleton of a new building reaching for the sun. Are there dangers? Sure. Safety practices, however, are in place and constantly reinforced to everyone, from the project managers to every laborer employed on the project. And, hopefully, nobody gets hurt as the building climbs to the sky.

I like Abners statement about starting with what is unseen-Underground.

When we built the Coke tower in Atlanta we first drilled underground till we hit granite. Then we continued to drill into the granite until we could find 7′ of stone with no cracks in it then the steel and concrete pour was started. This plan was followed to make the tower ‘earthquake proof'.

Then you build a tall building by adding one floor on top of the other... It is very safe and is very comfortable to work on. You do have to be careful about standing near an edge when the wind is blowing. You may not realize it but the wind is always blowing at that open height.

I suggest that you go to a site like You Tube and look up ‘fast construction' this will lead you to videos of the construction being completed quickly as you watch each phase being done. I think you will really like it.

Can white South Africans come to America as refugees?

Perhaps, if they are escaping discrimination or war. The definition of refugee is:

What is the most surprising phone call you ever received?

I got a call from someone in prison, collect. As soon as I realized it really was a prisoner I hung up. I was a teenager at the time. I regretted hanging up later, it may have been someone I knew from school.

How to move to a different country

Assuming you don't yet have any legal status in Europe or a relocation option through your current job, there is another option you can consider, which is to first move to study in Europe. In your case, probably a Masters degree or a PhD, because you already have a Bachelor's degree. Maybe my