How does one socialize in the USA?

Arrnaged matches don't work that well in the U.S. What is more popular and successful are social clubs. I will give you a link to a free website for clubs based on common interests. Although they're not dating sites, people are people and romances happen among friendly people. These clubs are in most major cities.

How come western european empires never expanded into Africa or Asia before the invention of guns?

They did. The Roman Empire included both African and Asian territories, and the Crusaders, who can be regarded as an extension of an alliance of mostly western European powers, briefly took territory in the Middle East, which is a region of western Asia (this ignores the Byzantines and Alexander the Great, but to the extent they

How to stop hating sleeping alone

It looks like you miss the genuine affection with physical contact. Sleeping is as Joe mentioned always naturally alone. Jet made a nice suggestion with the stuffed animal. I personally believe your consciousness is the blend of emotion and knowledge. This directly links to your feeling of

What's the weirdest thing about being you?

I'm a 17 year old Indian boy.I'm being told that I'm a weirdo and to be honest i too think that I do possess some weird habits likeI hate Movies, whether Bollywood, Hollywood or any Wood.I hate Games.PUB G,I just know the name thats