How does sleeping helps to recover your muscle after workout?

When we train, working out, and eating well, our bodies start recovering all what we did as a muscle damage in gym, so resting or sleeping, is the most important part when we talks about muscle growth, also sleeping can help you to increase testosterone levels, which means more muscle, and there are a lot of benefits related to muscle building as improve performance, and recharging the brain.

How Sleep Can Improve Muscle Growth

How hard is it to run a mile in 6 minutes?

I think that running a mile in 6 minutes or less, assuming that you're healthy and not overweight, is mostly just about having the discipline to put in running mileage. Not just once or twice a week; you really need to make a commitment.I trained for a marathon when I was 20 years old. Training

What is the procedure for production of liquid biofertilizers?

First let's have a quick review about the need of Liq-Bio-Ferts (LBFs) and the fundamental analysis behind it. In the carrier-based (solid) bio-fertilizers, the microorganisms have a shelf life of only six months. They are not tolerant to UV rays and temperatures more than 30 degrees. The population density

How many calories should I eat a day to lose 2 pounds a week?

Roughly 1000 fewer calories than your total energy expenditure would get that done.Keep in mind a few things:Don't trust some website to give you an accurate BMR.Don't trust some website to give you an accurate activity expenditure.You need to eat.When you cut calories from your TEE for an extended amount of time your body will compensate