How does technology make our society alive?

See, it depends on one's own perspective to see the things. Let us not be biased and consider both points of view:

  1. Yes, technology is making society alive is somewhat correct. Earlier, we were living in the world where business, sharing thoughts, ideas were quiet difficult. The curiosity of learning new things,communicating beyond the boundary gives wings to the ones who has caliber to do something good for his own as well as for others. Technology is one of the key to vanish the stigma and taboos associated within every societies. It is generating new hopes, opportunities as well as creating new fields of employment. It has broadened the scope of employment by increasing the number of fields which in turn do not puts pressure on the new generations to master any stage set by their parents.
  2. On the other side, we can say that technology is not making society alive. Gradually, we are getting wrapped up in oneself. We don't know about our next doors. Rather than enjoying with friends and family, we are getting happiness by playing an online game. We have started thinking that the dizzying height of fame and money is only that a man aspires for. We are losing our emotions, getting devoid of real happiness which lastly leaves us in depressions and then the time comes when we need to find shoulders to shed tears. We are forgetting the terms togetherness, humanity, empathy, compassion, patience and so forth.

PS: Life is a journey where only you should hold the key. :)

I hate to tackle any question that starts out by using a broad-brush approach to the topic. This one does just that, equating all that is technology with a certain added vibrancy to the quality of modern life.

In that context, I would say emphatically NO. Day-to-day, time and attention-grabbing technology is turning us into disconnected automatons, with virtual realities, virtual friends and an increasing absence of living in the moment and being attentive to and vitally interacting with the people and the physical settings of the here and now. We may be there, but our flying thumbs are always taking us somewhere far more ‘interesting' and ‘remote.' Even in crowded aisles of supermarkets.

What makes a teacher likable to their students, resulting in better classroom motivation and participation?

I believe that treating students with respect, and letting them know that you really care about their success in your class and school in general is very important; however, don't cross over the line and become their

Which company will slowly die, Apple or Samsung?

Samsung Will be die slowly because they are not showing there valueability to there desired product.So, in future it may die .there are lot of chances comparing to Apple Company .Samsung they need to fix there bugs , Suppose if they are faiing to fix there bugs means then Samsung company is gona die.