How does the Democratic Party compare to the Republican Party?

The Democratic party is very much more diverse than are the Republicans. They also are less prone to follow the leader while the Republicans are like lemmings, they follow wherever they are led.

The Democrats are far more open-minded than are the Republicans but that to some extent is due to the presence of the religious right in the Republican party. In fact, the Republicans seem more like a cult than a true political party. They have certain basics that they make feeble claims to adhere to such as small government but they then want the government to entirely dictate to women what they can do with their bodies. They claim to be the party of "family values" but they also have to cling onto what power and influence they have by utilizing such devices as gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Nowadays especially, they are strictly for the ultra rich while the Democrats are for the middle class and the poor. They, the Republicans claim to have strong religious values but it is the Republicans who are opposed to helping the oppressed and the poor, refusing to give them financial aid or provide any kind of safety net by being opposed to medicare, social security, the ACA and medicaid. Also by refusing the entry into our country the people that are fleeing crime and corruption in their home country. The Republicans make a mockery of the plack on the Statue of Liberty for example.

The Democrats, at least for the time being anyhow, seem to be for honesty and transparency while the Republicans are the party of being secretive and of covering things up the party of dishonesty and deceit and who put party ahead of country.

It was not always like this but that, sadly, is what it has devolve to.

What is the difference between muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance?

Muscular strength - amount of force the muscle can produce. If you don't have the muscular strength, you can't move the weight.Muscular endurance - ability to maintain output at a given force. If you don't have the muscular endurance, your muscles fatigue and you can no longer move the weight.Cardiovascular endurance - ability of cardiovascular system to supply oxygen

What attracts INFPs in men or women?

I'm an infp male and this is a list of what I find attractive it isn't in any particular order just what my thumbs type first. Caution contains hypothetical situations im not directing my post towards anyone in particular.Authenticity- basically

I'm 5'5 (164 cm) and 123 pounds (56 kg) am I fat?

Well look at that!  You're the same height and weight as I am. However,  you need more than this to determine if you're "fat". Based purely on BMI you're of a healthy weight for a woman. It would be more useful to find out your body fat % and muscle